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    Now Available: Windows Store
    Reckless is a Frogger style game where you
    need to dodge traffic while collecting coins.
    You only have a limited amount of time to
    get as far as you ca
  • rev-full1
    Star FIghter
    Windows Store: Available Now
    A top down arcade space shooter. Destroy
    asteroids and alien ships for points, if they
    get by your ship you will loose points. Some
    ships will require more then one hit. Some
    alien ships and asteroids will drop power ups
    when they are destroyed. Try to earn a spot
    on the top 100 high score list. Will you be
    the first to hit 10,000 points?
  • rev-full1
    RaceRace: Cars
    Windows Store: Now Available
    This is a simple car racing game aimed at
    young children. There is a single button to
    go and optional swipes and taps for speed
    boast. This is a buy once play forever game,
    that has no Ads, no In app purchases, and no
    fuel or other time based mechanics that force
    you to wait to keep playing.

Pay Once, Play Forever

Ace Labs games do not have Ads and required In App purchases like "fuel".

Game-pad Support

Game-pads should not be an after thought, but the optimized game play experience.

Play Store

Android is our primary phone platform

Windows Store

Windows Store is the primary platform of choice for all Ace Labs games

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